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Trokie Sativa, 120mg




The proper way to administer the Trokie™ is to take your dose and place it between your upper gum and cheek, optimizing slow dissolution. If you allow the Trokie™ to slowly dissolve entirely in your mouth without creating a lot of saliva, it could take 30-45 minutes to completely dissolve.

For maximum absorption, try not to swallow your for at least 5 minutes or longer. You will optimize the benefit of this route of administration, which will maximize the buccal absorption of your dose and will prolong the clinical effect and improve the bioavailability and the duration of action of your dose of the Trokie™.

When using the Trokie™, you can expect to experience a slight numbing, tingling, or light burning; and a dry or astringent feel. This is usual for any THC/CBD concentrate, extract or cannabis juice. You may feel the onset of action in as little as 5 minutes, but wait for at least an hour before dosing again.



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